Family Fun Magic Show

Family Fun Magic Show


Amazing Magical Fun For Kids of All Ages

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Amazing Magic For All Ages

Magic brings out the kid in all of us, the feeling of wonder, and laughing out loud. The Family Fun Magic Show is a matinee performance that is just right for anybody who loves magic! Bring the kids, bring the grandparents, and have a great time together. This one hour show will feature a variety of magicians with tricks up their collective sleeves to baffle and bemuse. The Family Fun Magic Show was a huge hit at the festival last year, and was a sold-out show. It’s always best to make your plans early and buy tickets in advance.

This show is perfect for families and it is recommended for kids at least 5 years old.

Family Ticket Pack – Save $12

You can buy four (or more) tickets to The Family Fun Magic Show and save $3 per ticket. Bring the whole gang! (discount automatically applied)

Featured Entertainers

wowfest-performer-ryanYour host for this amazing magic show is Ryan Pilling. Known for his “Suitcase of Wonders” his goofball antics and sleight-of-hand magic makes for a performance that is both amazing and amusing. With a liberal splash of improvisation, no show is the same way twice, as Ryan creates a unique experience for every unique audience. As seen at Vancouver’s MAGIC Festival, the Orlando Improv Festival, and coming soon to this year’s Calgary International Children’s Festival.

wowfest-performer-shawnOriginally from Montreal, magician Shawn Maloney is one of the few that can pull a rabbit out of a hat, or out of a chapeau! His family-friendly style, with an easy-going attitude and a big smile, makes for big magical surprises with plenty of audience interaction. Regularly seen at Calgary birthday parties, Shawn is an expert at giving kids “the best day ever!” and his appearance at WowFest will be no exception.

wowfest-performer-smartyWith the energy of a clown twice her height, Little Smarty will bounce onto the stage like an explosion at a rubber chicken factory. Her know-it-all hijinks will have everybody smiling right from the start. She is a celebrity in her hometown of Sundre, and has travelled as far as Ohio to study with the experts of laughology at the American Clown Academy. Little Smarty takes sillyness seriously!

wowfest-performer-jamesDue to a mix-up at the hospital magician James Jordan was born about 100 years too late. Fortunately for us, he has embraced the spirit of classic Vaudeville theatre to bring you a wise-cracking, whip-cracking, balloon-twisting, card-flicking extravaganza of variety entertainment. After being a huge hit at the previous WowFest shows, and a successful journey across the Canadian Fringe Festival tour, James and his moustache are back for another year of fun.